The Need for Transformative Spaces

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We talk to The Neon Museum’s JK Russ and its artist-in-residence, Thomas Putzier, about making art in Vegas for the first time.
In this episode we talk to The Neon Museum’s latest artist-in-residence, Thomas Putzier, and its Arts Programs Manager, Joanne (JK) Russ. Putzier comes to Las Vegas from his home base in Minneapolis. What is it like for a Las Vegas newcomer to “experience the city through making art”? What is he planning to do with the Stardust sign? And what can he tell us about his Circle of Introspective Agency, the hot pink community engagement installation that appeared in the Marjorie Barrick Museum’s West Gallery for a single day in January?  Listen in and find out. Plus, Russ talks to us about the residency program and what it means for Las Vegas.

Interviewer: LeiAnn Huddleston
Interviewee: Joanne (JK) Russ, Thomas Putzier

Our partnership program with The Neon Museum is supported in part by Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, National Endowment for the Arts, and Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

The Need for Transformative Spaces
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