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The Need for Transformative Spaces

We talk to The Neon Museum’s JK Russ and its artist-in-residence, Thomas Putzier, about making art in Vegas for the first time.

A Bridge Across Time and Space

In this episode we talk about manifestations of Black energy with writer-artist Kristina Kay Robinson and writer-curator Erica Vital-Lazare.

Barrick x Mendieta

We talk to performance artist Yasmina Chavez and Aluminati metal caster Micah Haji-Sheikh about the legendary late Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta.

Making a Monument

In this episode we talk about the importance of environmental mindfulness with exhibition curators Kim Garrison Means and Mikayla Whitmore.

Meet the Barrick

Find out what it's like to work in an academic art museum, hear about the Barrick’s strangest phone calls, and discover who on staff is the office prankster.

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