Go behind the scenes in an art museum. Join the crew from the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art as we chat with artists, curators, and everyone else who helps us bring our galleries to life. New episodes will be posted in selected months after the program has aired on KUNV 91.5.

The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art is located on the campus of one of the most racially diverse universities in the United States, we strive to create a nourishing environment for those who continue to be neglected by contemporary art museums, including BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ groups. As the only art museum in the city of Las Vegas, we commit ourselves to leveling barriers that limit access to the arts, especially for first-time visitors. To facilitate access for low-income guests we provide free entry to all our exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and community activities. Our collection of artworks offers an opportunity for researchers and scholars to develop a more extensive knowledge of contemporary art in Southern Nevada. The Barrick Museum is part of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).

Latest Episodes

Emotions of the MFA

Inspired by The Emotional Show, MFA students ¡Katie B Funk! and Bailey Anderson talk about the powerful emotions that come with the practice of making art. 

Poetry as an Arrow

In this episode we chat with Isabelle Bellinghausen, the Executive Director of Poetry Promise Inc., and the poet Charlene Stegman Moskal, one of the organization’s Tea...

In Conversation with Curators: Katie Hoffman and Hikmet Sidney Loe

In this episode we spoke with Modern Desert Markings co-curators, Katie Hoffman and Hikmet Sidney Loe. How did the exhibition begin? Who made that row of altered maps ...

The Need for Transformative Spaces

We talk to The Neon Museum’s JK Russ and its artist-in-residence, Thomas Putzier, about making art in Vegas for the first time.

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